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Chinese New Year Celebration 2014

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It is a new year, 2014! Do you know what that means? The Chinese New Year is upon us and we will be having a big celebration event. The event will be 3 days, from January 31st to February 2nd!

What will be going on?

  • Taro Pudding! A limited time only add-in for your drink.
  • Giveaway! Grab a souvenir, your choice of a new years dragon pencil or dragon paddle with every order of $5 or more, while supplies last.
  • Popping Boba Voting Contest! Cast your vote among 8 new flavors of popping boba. The winner will be added to our menu!
  • And More!!

Invite your friends and join us for fun and excitement. Check out the event on Facebook!


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