Percentage Events

In an effort to help support local clubs, organizations, and high schools, Bing’s Boba Tea has been hosting Percentage Events since we first opened our doors in 2012. Percentage Events are events over a specific period of time on a specific day where a certain percentage of sales go towards a club or organization.

Below, please find our general terms for Percentage Events:

  • The event must be over a specific time-frame (e.g. from 1pm-5pm on a certain day). The amount of hours is naturally negotiable.
  • Your organization must provide us with a flyer to place by our register before the event begins.
  • Bing’s Boba Tea will give 15% of before-tax sales to your organization. The sales will only be of customers associated with your organization and other customers who opt to have their sales count toward your organization.
  • Our cashiers will NOT ask each customer if they are with your organization. Supporters must mention they are with your organization.
  • Other customers not associated with your organization may opt to have their sales count toward the event, which is why we require a flyer to put by our register to increase that chance.
  • Bing’s Boba Tea will provide your organization the money via business check within 5 business days after the event. You will be contacted via email first.

Percentage events may be held at any of our locations, Please use the contact form for any inquires or if you would like to set up a Percentage Event with us.

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